WElcome to Pura Vida Holistic Health!

I’m Andrea Rodgers, Certified Holistic Health Coach, CSCS, personal trainer and broth connoisseur.

In 2014, I created Pura Vida as a platform to share my passion of empowering others to love and heal their bodies naturally. As a holistic health coach, I work with clients to cultivate healthy behavior change from within through movement, food, spirituality and other wellness modalities.

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About Me

My journey to wellness began with food. I have always loved food in its many forms: farming, cooking, eating and sharing it with others. But I used to struggle in my relationship with it.

I wanted to fully indulge in decadent foods like a flourless chocolate cake but couldn’t without a flood of emotions of guilt. There was a constant battle within myself between eating enough to feel satiated and overdoing it. I was scared of food because I felt like I had no control over how to enjoy it. My body and I were at odds and our relationship became abusive.

I knew there had to be another way to live.

I was introduced to health coaching in 2013 and enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s health coaching program. It was there that I learned about a new way to look at health and food.

I discovered that my relationship with food was paired with severe anxiety and depression that deeply affected my health and happiness. It was through integrative nutrition, deep emotional rebuilding and mindful exercise that I slowly began to heal.

My relationship with food transformed from one of deprivation and fear to abundance and joy.

I now work with clients through my own self discovery on how to heal the deep wounds we have within us that are blocking us from our fullest expression of being well.

it starts with food. It starts with you.

It starts now.