Welcome to Love, Your Gut! I am Andrea Rodgers, Certified Holistic Health Coach, gut wellness enthusiast and broth connoisseur. Enjoy this array of articles, tips, tricks and products to help you love and heal your body naturally, starting with the gut.

Why Love Your Gut?

Many of us think of the word gut as an unflattering, negative part of our being. The irony of this association is that many of our guts, the internal part of our body known as the gut microbiome, are unhealthy and barely functional. That is where Love Your Gut emerged from. Our gut and all of the microbiomes of the body hold so much power in how well we are. It is everything; emotionally and physically.

Through Andrea's coaching, writing, speaking engagements and bone broth creation, she delivers conscious information about how to heal the gut microbiome in a way that is natural, holistic and powerful. 

"A new biology is emerging, demanding a different way of thinking about what it means to be human, to be whole and to pursue a healthy life on earth for ourselves and for our children." -Dr. Rodney Dietert, PhD