What does it mean to live?
To wake up and base your happiness on your feelings, not the shape of your stomach. To understand what your body needs that day and to embrace it fully. To feel the full spectrum of emotions that we are entitled to as human beings. To forget to eat dinner. To be naked and feel love with confidence. To eat full fat foods and chocolate. To stop judging your body by the number on the scale. And to above all, to feel free from past guilt surrounded by food. 
Let me guide you because I have been on the other side before. 
Pura Vida Holistic Health Coaching designs a program to help you heal your relationship with food and empower you to live a life free of restriction. Through our journey together, you will develop the skills to listen to the inner cues of hunger and understand emotional hunger. 
Andrea Rodgers is a certified holistic health coach, strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer in Boulder, Colorado. Andrea works with clients virtually and in person specializing in weight loss, metabolic imbalances, fitness and finding a healthy life balance. Her training includes a BS in Exercise Health and Kinesiology, Certified in Holistic Health coach (HHC), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Crossfit Coach.
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