(always organic)

Chicken backs, ribs and feet, Turkey backs, Grassfed beef shanks,

Carrot, Celery, Onion, Thyme, Sage, Rosemary,

Bay Leaves, Black Peppercorn, Red Chili Flakes, Sea Salt

Apple Cider Vinegar

A Few Tips 

Reheating Liquid Broth

Pour broth into a pot and heat on low/medium until simmering on stove top. If that is not an option, microwave the broth on high for about 4 minutes per quart or until warm. 

Reheating Frozen Broth

Remove the metal lid off broth jar and place it in a large pot. Fill pot with enough water to cover 75% of the jar. Place pot on burner and heat on medium heat until broth is completely warmed through. Be careful not to heat water too quickly as it may crack the jar.


You are welcome to season the broth as you like. It should be a delicious, nourishing drink that is often very unique to your taste buds. The broth is lightly salted with Himalayan Sea Salt. If you need a little more seasoning, please do! We recommend using Himalayan Sea Salt, fresh ground pepper, red chili flakes or any dried herb. Just keep in mind, your taste buds will adapt to the taste of the broth as many of us are accustomed to overly salty foods. Keeping the broth as close to its' natural form as possible will conserve it's powerful health benefits. 

Take it Easy 

For best results, take a break from exercise and stressful activities. The goal while repairing is to allow your body to do exactly that, repair. Adding any extra stress on the system will take away from the cleansing benefits. We are allowing you a pass! 

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Broth Repair

24 hour $45.00

Includes four, 24 oz mason jars of bone broth.

Allow your digestive system to rest and heal from the damages of everyday life with a full day cleanse. By substituting nutrient dense bone broth for your normal meals, you are giving your gut the opportunity to reset and detoxify. 

-Upon waking, drink 1 cup of warm water with lemon to start the detoxification process.
-Drink as much broth as wanted throughout the day.
-In between broth, enjoy filtered water with lemon and herbal tea. 

-Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep to extend the repairing process through the night.
-Give yourself 10 minutes of quiet meditation and journaling time to reflect on this process and see what you discover. 

The repairing process is all about meeting you where you are. At the end of the day, if you feel famished and need a little fuel, that is completely okay. Enjoy a smoothie made with unsweetened nut milk, green veggies and very little fruit. Smoothies are very easy on the gut and also full of nutrients. Make sure there is no added sugar whatsoever except from the fruit. An example is 1 lightly ripened banana, 1 handful of kale and spinach, 8 oz unsweetened coconut milk and a little ginger. Blend together until smooth. 

48 hour $90.00

Includes nine, 24 oz mason jars of bone broth.

-Follow the same instructions as the 24 hour.
-At the end of day two, you can break the fast with a simple meal of clean ingredients to reintroduce your system to solid foods. An example meal would be steamed beets, sweet potato, and kale with roasted chicken drizzled with raw olive oil, salt and pepper.