OUR Story.

Nestled in the mountains of Colorado, Twin Roots Traditional Broth Kitchen creates high quality bone broth that can transform your health. This all encompassing liquid is simmered with the purest, nourishing ingredients on the market including grass-fed bones, organic vegetables, herbs, spices and most importantly, love.


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Broth For All.

Two holistic health coaches, Andrea Rodgers and Nancy Paladino, have always been on the search for the secret to optimal health. They were looking for something that could heal themselves and their clients from the inside out and wasn't just a quick fix. After much research, they quickly found that broth was the answer. 

"Whenever consuming broth, we imagine all of the cracks in our gut lining, liver and metabolic systems, rebuilding and filling up with nutrients. It is like an ancient, magic potion that can transform the body, mind and spirit all at the same time."

Twin Roots traditional Broth Kitchen was created to share their passion of health and wellness to the world one cup at a time.