Change + Fall + You

Have you noticed the subtle changes happening around you? The mornings are slightly cooler. The sun is going down a little earlier. A new season is among us. Beautiful Autumn is here. In Ayurvedic medicine, the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, this season is one of change and ungroundesness. It is a time for introspection as the temperatures get colder and we crave warmth.

Just like the seasons change, we change as well. Every day, although we sometimes don’t want to believe it, we are growing and getting older. We no longer may need the things that we did yesterday. The evolution of being a human is amazing.

Change. Do we like it or do we avoid it?

I always used the say that I am sensitive to change. That the reason I am emotional at a certain point is because there is so much change happening around me. While I used to view this as a bad thing, change has actually signified an incredible amount of growth in my life. Whether it was moving to a new location, starting a new job, losing a loved one, starting or ending a relationship, all of these were periods of intense change. And sometime sadness and feelings of discomfort. But as I reflect, times of necessary wisdom and beauty.

What would happen if we followed nature’s inner knowing of change? If we adopted the way the way the green leaves change to gold and orange without questioning?

Maybe this signifies as a time to reflect within ourselves. Maybe what we struggle with could be answered by a small time of self reflection. Maybe we invite change in with open arms, just like mother nature has prescribed.

These seasonal markers are like little built in reflection points. What is happening in my life? What serves me? What do I need to let go of? What do I want to cultivate and manifest in my career or family? And in my opinion, the most important questions is, what change do I need in my life?

These questions do not have easy, quick answers. I like to carve out time and create a practice out of them. A mini retreat within myself to be silent, and listen to the inner knowing of you and see what is happening in your body and mind. Your brain is usually controlling the show. It tells you what to do and holds the “story” of your life that you play each and everyday. But do you realize how much wisdom your body holds? Have you ever stopped and listened to it?

I invite you to create space for yourself one afternoon to be silent. And turn inwards. Light a candle. Maybe sit outside on the earth. Close your eyes. And breathe. In and out. For 5-10 minutes. Then take a notebook. And journal about the above questions. Where are you? What do you need? Where do you want to go? Without judgement.

Just by listening to yourself and giving yourself a chance to speak, you never know what will come up for you.

My meditation teacher read a story once that has stuck with me. She said,

“There was a mountain. That stood tall with it’s peak protruding high in the sky. There it stood, everyday, the same tall mountain made of stone. With it's base firmly planted in the ground. Some days, the sun would shine so brightly on it. Warming its stone slabs. Some days, the rain would beat down. Washing away some of the dirt. Other days, the snow and wind would blow so hard you couldn’t see the top of it. Sometimes, flowers would grow on its side. Others, it would be barren. The trees with no leaves. Just blank. Sometimes people would hike on the mountain. And they would love the mountain. Others would hike the mountain. And they would curse it. Hating its intensity.

There is always change. Happening around us. But just like the mountain, you are strong and tall. With your base firmly planted in the ground. The only thing constant in life is change.”

If you need help, contact me here. Happy New Year.



Andrea Rodgers