The Value of Early Morning Art


Because no one has coincided with my energy today, my words are authentic. From yesterday, right now, two weeks ago, last year or from my fantasy. If I woke up with a negative headspace, my words can reflect that. Then that stuff is closer to being out than in. And for that I am thankful. Because when it is left in, I am not the person I want to be.

If you have the luxury of waking up with some time to create, I suggest that you do. Because what comes out, that is truly in your genius of a mind is amazing. Now that you make your own choices, you have the opportunity to nurture that inner Einstein. That Picasso. That Hemingway, that we were all born with. 

What was it that you did as a child? That art that people awed at? Anything. Maybe do that. You don't have to take it so seriously. Or maybe you do. But there's a reason you were good at it. And maybe you still are now. Give it to someone.

You are a genius. Don't forget that. You always had it in you but it could have been stripped away from an unhealthy upbringing. Or lack of money. Or someone telling you that it is not impossible to become that. You're an adult now. And you still have it in you.

Early morning art. Remember being 5 and doing that "thing" it is that you did. Where people clapped.

Andrea Rodgers