Gut Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet


Having a healthy gut microbiome is a key part of living a healthy, happy life. Throughout my journey of finding what foods work best for my body, I had always been playing around with food combinations. I was eating veggies, organic, wild meats, fats and healthy starches- all of the pieces of the puzzle I knew to be true. But I could still feel that my diet wasn’t complete. My digestion was off, I had belly bloating and I was fatigued after eating. After adding gut health foods to my diet everything changed! It was the missing link.

If you haven’t read my blog about the importance of a healthy gut, check it out! Here are a few key points:

  • A healthy and functioning gut means healthy digestion and food breakdown so your body can assimilate the nutrients and use them efficiently.

  • The bacteria (or microbes) of your gut interplays with your immune system and neurological function of your brain.

  • Quality gut microbes ward off chronic non-communicable diseases like obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

You are either fueling the good or bad bacteria of your gut when you eat.. The more good gut bacteria the healthier you will be in the ways I mentioned above! When I started to incorporate more gut healthy foods in my diet, I started by just adding even a tablespoon of something at each meal. The Japanese culture, one of the healthiest cultures in the world, eat fermented foods at each meal. These foods are full of probiotics that increase the good bacteria in your gut. If you have gone out for an authentic Japanese meal before, your plate may be filled with pickled ginger, kimchi, Nato and/or soy. I believe that these daily food rituals have a direct correlation to their longevity.

What gut healthy foods can you add to your diet?

Here are a few that I use almost daily.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (1-2 tbsp before bed)

  • Fermented plain yogurt (it should say fermented for ___ hours on the package)

  • Kimchi (Japanese fermented cabbage)

  • Sauerkraut (Eastern European fermented cabbage)

  • Kombucha (see my recipe HERE)

  • Kiefer

  • Fermented or pickled veggies (add a few to a salad or have as a side to a meal)

  • Fermented Sourdough bread (see my recipe HERE)

Try adding any combination of these foods into your diet and see how you feel. Whenever I make a change to my routine I like to journal about the changes. Sometimes I am so busy throughout the day it’s hard to remember. Writing things down and reflecting helps. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at


Andrea Rodgers