My Trip in Smoothies


This past week I was in the smoothie capital of the world, Costa Rica. It was so magical for many reasons, but most importantly to me was the amazing food. The fruit and super foods are fresh and sweet- farm to blender. If you have followed my prior smoothie post here , you know that I have a special way of making them to fit whatever type of goal you are trying to reach. In the land of pura vida, I was reintroduced to some super foods that I haven't used in a while and it re-inspired my love for these extremely powerful and healthy ingredients. Each smoothie cafe I went to had something different to offer which made the experience even more refreshing. Try some of these out!


1. Spriulina: a natural plant algae that is one of the most potent nutrient sources in the world. It is made mostly of protein, amino acids, essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 and high in vitamins B, C and D. It is incredibly high in Calcium, Zinc, magnesium and potassium which all aid in a healthy cellular regeneration and processes (the building block of everything in our bodies).

What kind? Any organic, raw powder or crystal form.

Add 1 tbsp to smoothie and blend. 

2. Goat's milk yogurt: full of healthy fats and proteins if sourced from grassfed goats, the more local the better. It contains lactic acid bacteria and proboitics that aid in healthy digestion and boosting immunity. Adds a delicious, creamy affect to the smoothie-ness.

What kind? Any kind organic and raw. The more local, the better.

3. Chlorella: Similar nutrient properties to Spirulina except contains more vitamin K.

What kind? Any raw, organic form in powder form.

4. Mint: Green, antioxidant rich and makes your breath fresh! The combination of mint and cocoa powder is delicious.

What kind? Organic, raw in the product section. Or buy it in plant form and grow it in your kitchen!

5. Spinach stems: Full of fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, Iron and pretty much everything that is amazing for you,

What kind? Organic, raw form in the produce section.

6. Maca Powder: Naturally high in minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It also stimulates the glands that produce reproductive hormones and is an aphrodisiac- nickname the "natural Viagra". Get on that!

What kind? Any organic, raw brand in its most natural form. 

As much as I LOVE the way I make my smoothies, having a local make something a little different for me felt amazing. In life, we can sometimes get caught up in controlling. We start to find a pattern and literally live in it 24/7. If something goes out of the ordinary it can cause us to freak out. "What do you mean you don't have organic, unsweetened almond milk?!" That was one of mine on this trip. But once I let go of the control, "lived a little" and broke free of the patterns, it felt refreshing. Yeah the smoothie had a little more sugar than usual, but in reality it didn't matter. I'm not having it everyday.

And guess what? I guarantee your beautiful body will still look the same- maybe even better! You will still be alive- maybe even MORE alive because you let go of the reigns!

Hush your mind, stop sweating the small stuff and enjoy something new. Let yourself live. 

Andrea Rodgers