Happy New Year!

New Season.jpg

Ever since I was a little kid, September was my favorite month of the year. The weather was getting cooler and it was the start of a new school year. I was given a fresh start with a untouched report card, a new set of people surrounding me in my class, new material to learn, a change in my environment to a new building or classroom and most importantly, a change after a long break to create something new. I have always loved change. 

This month still symbolizes a new beginning even though my years of structured school are long over. I like to celebrate it as my own New Years. September starts the transition into a new season. We as people and nature starts to wind down after a warm season of letting loose and free into a more internal season. 

What does this new year bring for you?

I like to create a practice around welcoming the new year first by reflecting on the past year. My favorite way is through journaling. You can tell it like a story. What was this past year like for you? The goods, the bads. All the feels. 

What have you accomplished this year that you are proud of? 

It is powerful to celebrate these things. Get a group of friends together and start a conversation around what you all have done. 

What are you looking to manifest and create this new year? 

Is there something you have been waiting to do that you think is ready to be done? Why not now? It's a new year and you have a new opportunity.

Does your body need a cleanse?

Your body and mind are connected in so many ways. When the systems of the body are performing optimally, your brain will be as well. Maybe it's time to clean house and strengthen the digestive, immune and detoxification systems. I created a Broth Repair that you can read about HERE. It is a gentle, delicious way to allow the body to naturally cleanse itself. 

Clear past energy and pain to make room for something new. 

What are ways of thinking that you have that are holding you back? Past trauma's that no longer serve you? Make a list of the new ways you are planning to live your life and give yourself the space and time to adopt them. Yoga, meditate, nature.

New year. New season. Time for a change. Let's do something awesome xo

Andrea Rodgers