Stay Healthy with Garlic Ear Oil


Garlic Oil has been used in Ayurvedic healing for hundreds of years. This medicinal plant is most commonly used during the Vata or fall season to keep colds and flus away by applying it to your ears.

Vata’s cold, dry season means dry sinuses and cervical (around the neck area) lymph nodes. When the body starts to detect this it starts to produce mucous to keep those areas moist. This leads to those common cold-like symptoms like runny noses, sore throats and dry, tickley coughs.

By dropping 1 tbsp of garlic oil into your ears, you will lubricate and moisten the sinuses and lymph nodes to keep them from making too much mucous. Simple, huh? There are many other ways to keep the body from getting too dry but this one remedy is the most simple and cheap.

Try this recipe below to keep yourself healthy this season and share it with someone you love. No one likes missing out on life because they’re sick.



Andrea Rodgers