How to Avoid the Holiday Belly Bulge


This time of year is known for festivities and fun. Extra large meals, cocktails and desserts are showing up at least once and week and on top of that, it seems like you have less time to fit in your exercise routine. What do you do during this time of the year when you seem to overdo it?

This is the perfect place to start since you are reading this blog! Let’s start here and today.

1. Begin your day with peace. The first thing I like to do is start my day off in a way that will set the stage for how the rest will come. I know it may sound cliche to meditate first thing in the morning, but I highly recommend it. Even if it is for just 5 minutes. By closing your eyes and silencing your brain, you are giving yourself peace, something I’m sure many of us could use more of. Give yourself a chance to check in with your body and mind and see what you may need. For those of us who don’t have enough time to actually sit (like me on most mornings), I get in my car with no music or light classical and drive to work without the blaring radio. Set your intention for the day to give your body what it needs and just that. Listen in to see what it desires. A party? Some new energy? A cocktail? Or maybe a quiet night at home with a book. Each and every choice is okay as long as you honor yourself and your needs rather than what you "think" you should do.

2. Fast or eat lightly for the beginning of the day. This may not work for everyone but it really works for me, particularly fasting. Fasting has been used for many years to cure disease, aid in weight loss and improve brain function. And that it does. I usually start my morning with a cup of coffee, black or with a splash of unsweetened almond milk, and fast until about 12 or 1pm. I have noticed heightened productivity and overall feelings of wellness. Most people have an issue with this one because they are so used to eating sugar and carbs for breakfast. But the way I put it is this, the feeling of uncomfortableness most of us are used to with this cycle of breakfast is much worse than the feeling of hunger for the first chunk of your day. It takes some getting used to but works like a charm.

3. Try a bone broth fast. Bone broth is full of nutrients and tastes delicious. Instead of fasting 100%, consume as much bone broth as you would like throughout the morning and into the afternoon. With this type of fast, I find it actually easier to “fast” for a longer period of time until 4 or 5 (or until your next party :)). The most important part of fasting is to be mindful when you do break the fast. You are doing it to honor your body and help it in the same way that you are breaking the fast. Your body should be hungry and make sure to feed it nutritious foods at first and of course, you can indulge later on in desserts. I say they are never off limits :)

5. Follow your Meal with ACV. Apple Cider Vinegar- where do I even begin with this?? This fermented drink stimulates digestion and gets the juices of the gut going. Taking a swig of this before and after a meal will help your tummy break down proteins so you will not feel too full.

5. Dessert- don't skip it. My favorite meal of the day. There is rarely a party or get together I will go to and not indulge in dessert. I know that you know that sugar is never good for you but sometimes it’s too good to give up. If you know that you are going to indulge in something sweet or a few glasses of wine, give up some of the other things in your day that may not matter. Like that extra piece of bread  or cheese. Also fasting always helps. 

My motto is and always will be, moderation. Indulge in quality ingredients because your body will digest them more efficiently. Fast when possible. And enjoy what you eat. That’s what life is about.

Andrea Rodgers