What is my pure life

I started the company Pura Vida in 2012 after cold turkey quitting one of my jobs. I remember searching for a name that would fit the vision of this project's mission. As I reflect, I don't recall how the name came to be but it somehow stuck.

What does Pura Vida mean to me? Literally, it means the "pure life" in Spanish. A life full of clean eating, fruits and vegetables. Healthy, organic foods and lots of nutrients that will help you body be free of dis-ease. The pure life was a process of waking up from a well rested night's sleep and meditating in the morning to understand your subconscious self's needs. To breathe deeply and feel your body and be grateful for it. To exercise your muscles and allow them to move and feel alive.

To find purity in everything that you do and believe in. 

Pura Vida has a uniqueness to it that it can be tailored to whatever it is or whoever it is that you are. 

So today I ask myself, what is my pure life?

My pure life is calm and gentle to my body. It listens to my gut when it tells me to call my mom and tell her how awesome it was for her to play classical music to me while I would paint in the kitchen.

It allows me to give and feel love freely. It does not judge others because it does not know the path they are on. 

It sees beautiful things everywhere and takes the time to experience new places. 

That is pura vida. Guiding people to find their own "pure life" is my mission. It is a journey. And I am delighted.