Absolutes + new workout + wet sand

Life according to most means that you are always right. You know what is happening and thoughts are absolute. When something happens, you know where to put the blame. Or why to put the blame. Our past can dictate our reactions, sensitivities, and growth sometimes because we are jaded.


That’s the way they will always be. And the way you were treated, everyone will treat you that way. The result of that run, it will always feel heavy. I’m never trying it again. Swimming? Nearly drowned once. Never again. Hated it once, won’t do it again. Vodka? It made me sick.

Absolutes. They exist? Hard.

Absolute thoughts that can be programed in our brains. These thoughts are toxic. Looking back on something that you made an absolute judgement about is unfair. Because someone was selfish and lied to you, are you never going to trust again? Because you failed once, are you never going to try again? 

There are certain things that can help un-program our brains from all of the hurt and fear that has happened. If you give it a chance. They will let your mind release and take a step back for a moment. And look at this life from a different branch of the tree. To assess your choices from a new set of eyes. To view the city from the middle of the river instead of on the land. 

It’s beautiful. And refreshing. That there is another choice to handle the same life that you have right now. 

Give yourself a chance to try. Try it again. Whatever “it” is. If you don’t, you’re still stuck. 

Every experience may not be like the one before. It’s unfair to let that stop you.


 I'm really into the combination of cardio and bodyweight for my workouts. Try this work out while listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers- Wet Sand - YouTube

Row 2000m

20 pushups

20 weighted sit ups

10 split squats each leg

Repeat 3x

Row 2000m

Have a new day xo