Why rules are restricting your life

Life is about living. It's about excitement, growth, experiences, potentially some struggle along the way and feeling alive. As we carry along in our journey, we are taught rules that shape how we live and function day to day. Gone are the days of living out of necessity of survival. We now have choices.

How do you choose to live?

Is it through the influence of your parents? Books? Social Media? Hollywood? Urban culture? These aspects have all help develop the habits and rules in which we choose to live our lives.

We are taught to "follow the rules" as a child in school, in our household and in society. We are told to "behave". Yes, it is important to learn not to hit people or steal, but when do these rules no longer serve you?

Rules can start "rule" your life and slowly remove you from the point of it. The restraints, the can's and can't's, the do's and don't's begin to create walls on our freedom and spontaneity, the sparks of this life. 

Low carb dieting will help you lose fat. Don't sleep with someone on the first date. Lift weights at least 2x a week. Skinny is attractive. No more than 2 drinks per sitting, especially sugary cocktails. Eat lots of protein. 8 hours of sleep every night. 

How is it possible for each person to be so unique yet still follow the same set of rules? What if you break them? Will your world fall apart? Do these rules rule your life?

If I never broke the rules of my mother's influence, I would never have moved to Tahiti, one of the best experiences of my life. If I followed the rules of dating, I would have never felt this love. If I never broke the rules of nutrition, I would never enjoy fresh, sourdough bread. If I followed the rules of sleep, I would never get to drink 3 glasses of wine, see the stars and talk about the way I see the world. 

Life is not about restrictions. It's about indulging but having the power to bounce back. Drink 3 unexpected glasses of wine. Get 3 hours of sleep one night because you were out. Eat pizza with extra cheese.

It doesn't have to become an addiction or habit.

Don't be afraid to step out and be "bad" once in a while.


Break em. Live. Love. Vive.