California Dreamin (of the perfect beach body) + 4 tips

It’s the season for summer dresses. Bathing suits. The less clothing the better. And even though we’ve dreamed of getting rid of our winter coats and bundling, things may not be the typical bliss. For some of us. Ironically. If you’re not feeling awesome about your body, all of these things could feel like a nightmare. 

Not confident. Beating yourself up. Battling the war of another season with the same body. Well, I want to talk about it because life is too short- and so is summer :) 

There was a summer that I was wearing size 0 shorts. Then there was size 6. M. XS. L. I’ve been all over the board. The irony of it all is that even when I was the size that I strived for, I was still uncomfortable in my body. It felt awful. The feeling of nothing ever being good enough. It didn’t matter what compliments I received or how tiny my midsection was. I still wasn’t happy.

Why me? Why can’t I just find peace?

There are many factors as to why we do what we do. Some people were brought up to not feel beautiful. Maybe it was something someone said to you once. Or multiple times. Maybe you were in an unhealthy relationship. Did you fail once and never pick yourself back up? Are you hungry for love? Have you always been?

Whatever it is that is causing the broken record to play, you can take this moment to recognize it. 

Now’s your chance to change your body. It’s never too late. 

It’s not just outlook. Food is part of it of course. And so is exercise. But your mentality is what will make the biggest change. Here are 4 tips I can offer you that will make a significant difference if you are in the same place I have been. 

1. Find something that doesn’t seem like exercise.

Running may not be your thing. It’s not the only option. Joining the gym may not be either. Movement is exercise, quite simply. Putting your yoga mat outside in your yard and moving. Paddle boarding. Kayaking. Hiking. Do it alone or with a friend. Find a cool band on Wednesday nights and dancing. Swimming. Taking a class. Playing basketball as the sun goes down. Who cares how old you are. Or if it’s your first time.

2. There’s more to life than chocolate.

Food = calories. That is true. But don’t get too caught up in it. There is more to life than food. And once you stop relying on it for happiness, you will realize that you will no longer be looking forward to having chocolate late at night. Or a couple of glasses of wine. But rather the moments you have to share. That coconut ice cream won’t be the highlight of the day after you’ve gone out and spent time with people you care about. Or doing something that excites and inspires you. 

3. Find a way to release. 

Release means to let go. Unwind. Allow your body and mind to relax. Discovering a healthy practice of releasing is life changing. It’s totally yours and may be completely different from anyone you know. Taking a bath. Stepping outside for 5 minutes and just breathing. Taking the dog out for a walk. Reading a Hemingway classic. Writing. Making love. It’s all yours. It’s similar to waking up on the right side of the bed. Ending your day simply. Just as we started our lives.

4. Get yourself out of that unhappy place. 

If it’s physically or mentally, you have a choice that you have to make. And it’s not going to be easy. But it is possible. I can promise you that. Just below the peak of the mountain is hardest part. But then you get there. To the top. You make it. And you can look behind you and understand the journey you had to take. 

Now’s your chance. Contact me here for help. xo.