Girl on girl on girl

 I recently started watching the show Girls after it was recommended to me. These “semi-reality shows” that depict female lives was something I swore off for the past six months after being somewhat of a Sex and the City addict. I used to repeat the episodes over and over again. But I never considered myself to be one of those girls who created a false reality around the lives of these fabulous and fashion forward ladies living the life in NYC. I was just watching it because it was entertaining. I wasn’t comparing my lifestyle to theirs, or my relationships, job status, closet or excitement to theirs; I was just watching.


It has come to my attention that we can find ourselves in a constant state of self-judgment. Comparing our lives to those around us. Looking at what others have accomplished and feeling unsatisfied with our own. I am guilty as charged. Feeling like there is always someone doing something more than me. Someone more successful than me. Someone more fit or for lack a better word, better than me.


After watching the first seven episodes of Girls (and being scared of becoming one of the girls addicted to Girls), I found this comfort in what I was seeing. And that comfort came from vulnerability. Honesty. The show was almost like a pass that it’s okay to feel a certain way. A justification. The things inside our head that we don’t want to ever talk about because we are sure that no one has ever gone through that before. Or that we are being insecure or weak.


Sometimes we can view it as that. Or we can view it as being human. Or being a girl. We have a choice to listen to these voices and soothe them. Answer them and reflect on them.


You don’t have to become a hermit and sit in lotus position for two days to do this. You can write about it. Simple pen and paper. And then you can go live your life. Hopefully it’s in a better place. As soon as you release some of the reoccurring thoughts in your head that are building up, you have room to grow and fill it with more positive things. Like living the life that you see others living.