Whoever says it's Cliché

Whoever says that it's cliché. Is correct. It is completely. Cliché in the sense that it's what the simple, pleated skirt girls get. The type I never wanted to be.

Whoever thinks that it will never happen, you may be wrong. With all of your absolute thoughts.

It may happen to you. One day. On a whim. Out of the ordinary. 

Maybe it's set up.

Maybe it's organic.

Maybe it's on a Tuesday.

Maybe it's with Julia.

All I know is that you may do something. One day. That you never would have done. The day before. 

It won't make sense when you look back on it. You don't know why. You can't even believe that you did it. 

You won't. I promise. 

But someone will retell you the story. Whisper it in your ear when your eyes are almost shut. To remind you. When you followed your heart. For a split second. That one time. 

Follow your heart.

Art by: http://www.paulaogierart.com/index.html