My Political Rant

About a year ago I was introduced to politics. Obviously I knew they existed. There were certain topics that I was interested in like the environment, global warming, FDA food labeling, nutrition and physical education in our schools and world peace. But I didn't get involved. I voted for the first time in 2009. Obama. I'm proud that I did, but I still didn't get too involved. I began to realize that our country was fucked. So I moved away from it. To an island off of Tahiti. In 2012. Where no one could find me. Where the government couldn't spy on me through my computer camera. Where I didn't have to listen to the ridiculousness of Sarah Palin. 3 months later I came back to the US and I've been back ever since. 

Politics haven't been a big part of my life. My mom didn't really watch the news. Growing up there was little emphasis and discussion around it. That paved the way for my ignorance. 

Ignorance. And I say that with an honest voice because I am mad at myself. I am mad at myself because I didn't care until now. Because I have never been effected by it until now. No, I am not getting blown up like people in Syria. My family has never been ripped away from me. I have never experienced living in a natural disaster. But now, the world has opened up my eyes to how fucked we are. By people who were put into my life and by my own natural curiosity. 

So I'm a little late. But I am never too late. Fuck you and fuck that. It is never too late. I can push myself into a deep dark hole of there's too much to learn and I can't get started now. I can. And I will. 

You can't wait until it's too late to do something. You can't wait until you're pregnant to get on birth control. You can't stop driving drunk until you hit someone. You can't stop doing heroine until you die. You can't wait to say words to someone until they have already moved on. Don't be that person. It is not too late. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. DON'T WAIT.