How to get over yourself

Last week I freaked out. It was a Tuesday and I had to work. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. It was just another day. And I went crazy. Emotions and thoughts went through my head that I really had no rational way to describe other than I am just feeling them. Out of my control. 

The symptoms of these intense feelings were interesting. I couldn't eat. I couldn't keep food down if I did eat. I felt like I was on drugs. And for the life of me, I couldn't stop talking about how weird I was feeling. Eventually, I spoke to the wrong person. Or the right person, as it turns out. He was a bartender at my work. And his response to my words were "get over yourself, Andrea".

At first, I was slightly insulted (which was difficult considering his handsome eyes when he said this). But then I was thankful.

Dude, get over yourself. THANK YOU for saying that! Get over yourself, Andrea. Yes. I believe I will. 

We all fight our own battles everyday. Not exactly at the same time. Some may feel it at lunch time. Others later in the day. Or next week. Or on Tuesday. But we all feel them. It's called the human experience.

If you think you are going to get through life always feeling happiness and bliss 24/7, it's just not true. And I don't say this to burst your beautiful bubble, but I say this to save you some serious effort in trying to fix all of the "bad" feelings. It's like being addicted to something, a drug or alcohol or exercising and not wanting the feelings to end because it's just too good. But you will never feel so good unless you had the polar opposite to counter it. To make the good so blissful..

So look. Why was I feeling like a psychopath? Was that necessary for me to go through those ridiculously annoying feelings where I couldn't control anything? Yes. Why yes it was. Because if not, I wouldn't feel so freakin amazing when they turned into an epiphany. The fact that I was feeling like a crazy person was because I did something life changing earlier that week. Like very much so. Feeling crazy was okay for me. But after a while, I needed to get over myself. 

The fear and unknown that is associated with night. The light and clarity associated with day. Fighting. Make up sex. Hate. Love. Yin. Yang.

As you're going through all of these emotions, you can take a minute to assess the situation. Feel it. Do something about it if necessary. But still have the balls to say, get over yourself.