Love Child No. 5

And so she walked down the street. It was the sun. The leaves. The Zephyr. The fact that no one was there. It was golden. The scene. What do you say when all of a sudden everything feels kind of like a movie you would watch when you were a kid. With a Diane Keaton kind of free. Glowing. Laughing. Where your stomach felt empty and clean. She was dancing and looking like her mama. She felt beautiful.

Oh, if only you could see her. The radiating energy. That everyone could feel when they locked eyes with her. So light and feminine. And then she would get scared. Because for a second her past would creep. The devil. The darkness.

That’s all she wanted. Her voice. That was cut off for all of these years. And now after all of that time, someone understood. Without a turtle neck or a sweater.

Like I said, it was golden. And she was finally Love Child No. 5.