Why I left the FDA + KB Workout

It’s been about 3 years since I have left the FDA (fitness and dieting anonymous). A group that I named myself where working out and dieting ruled my life. 3 years ago I decided to find an alternative path. A path that doesn’t involve six packs or biceps. It doesn’t involve deprivation or guilt. There is no punishment when I don’t do exactly what I am told. This path listens to me gently instead of shutting me down with force. 

Now I workout because I want to workout. I lift because I want to be strong. I lift to release my aggression and stress- we all have it and letting it go is healthy. I am strong because strength is freedom. 

I eat whole foods. I eat because I need fuel for my body- to make it strong. My body tells me what and when to eat because I listen to it. When I eat the right things, I know it. When I eat the wrong things, I definitely know it.

No one can take these choices away from me- not even myself.

I let it go. I let go of the guilt that I needed to be a certain size. I let go of the six pack abs and tiny waist. I let go the obsessions. And started to fall back in love with myself. With the healthy, beautiful features that I was blessed with. This is me. I deserve better than this.

High Intensity KB workout:

Repeat 5 rounds for time:

1 min Kettlebell Swings

1 min Pushups

1 min Kettlebell farmers carry (heavy) 

1 min Mountain Climbers

1 min Kettlebell front rack lunges

Rest 1 min

I want YOU to fall in love this week. With you. Do something for you. Take yourself out on a date. Workout because it feels absolutely amazing. Eat because it makes you feel good. Show yourself some love. Make other people jealous :)