Travel WOD's, Warriors and World Journeys

I wrote this blog originally for my best friend Nicole as she embarks on a trip around the world today. She wanted some workouts that required very little equipment but would still kick her ass. These are awesome to do when you don't have a gym available or are in a pinch for time. I created 5 workouts below as examples, but you can use any of the exercises in the database at the bottom to mix and match to keep your workouts interesting!

Before you get sweaty, I have to tell you about this amazing human being that inspired this post. Nicole has been saying for a year or two that she was going to quit her corporate job and travel. How many of us say that and actually follow through? Well, she did. And she leaves today.

Nicole. How can I even begin to describe her? She is a warrior. A fighter. A healer. And nothing short of an amazing woman who inspires me to grow. Taking the plunge to leave the security of a steady paycheck is not easy, which is why she did it. The challenge is what creates depth and growth in life. And that's what she craves, as do I.

When it's my time, Nicole, I will be there with you. Somewhere in the world. I promise. xox

Use these formats with the different exercises below:

  • EMOM 10: 

even 5 burpees

odd 10 pushups

  • Ladder 10-1:



  • Annie:


Double Unders and Sit ups

  • 5 Rounds for time:

20 jumping lunges

30 mountain climbers

20 deadbugs

  • Repeat 5 Rounds:

Box Jumps 1 min

Towel core slides 1 min

Banded Thrusters 1 min



Banded dead bugs

Banded core rotations

Banded fall outs

Plank banded row 

Payoff press

Pistol squats

Isometric band holds

Isometric band holds while lunging

Lateral lunges with rotations

Single leg squats

Single leg hip thrusts


Candle sticks


Jumping lunges

jumping squats

Banded push press


plank variations

lateral banded squat walks

bear crawls

Towel glides