Graduating from Resistance School

Resistance. It’s by far one of my favorite topics and definitely something we all can all relate to. Waking up at 4:55am for work, foam rolling at night, continuing to take cold showers and my favorite, resistance to sitting down on my laptop to write. Can’t I just graduate from that one already?? All of these things which I know are good for me are the hardest things to commit to doing. And it takes a decent amount of will power to get me through them. 

When we resist things in life, it creates a struggle. It creates an opposing force against something that of course is going to fight back. And it will fight back hard. Until maybe you stop forcing it. And let it go. And stop resisting it. 

Resistance is a choice. We can either partake in the battle and put on our armor, or choose to follow the flow. Ironically, the things we resist most are the things we actually really want- our heart and soul’s desire. 

What will happen if we stop?

There are many circumstances in life that cause us to put up our guards to resist. The physical ones like being too tired to wake up or too cold to keep the shower on cold are the easiest to conquer because they last only a couple of minutes long. But the internal, emotional resistance is the real battle to be fought. But is it really a battle? What if we thought of this innate resistance towards something as a sign that it is something worth doing?

Think about the things that you are trying to resist. 

Maybe it’s making a change in your lifestyle. 

Maybe it’s sitting down to write every day. 

Maybe it’s starting to meditate.

Maybe it’s allowing your heart to open up and let someone in. 

Whatever it is that you are resisting- your soul desires to have it. The question is, how long are you going to fight it?

You never know what life is going to throw at you. One minute you have it all figured out and the next, something completely unexpected jumps in. 

Letting go of the resistance. Letting my guard down. Opening up my heart. Here we go. I put on my shield for struggles that may be ahead, but not a shield of steel, rather a shield of love. And I am going in 100%.