Resistance: Training and Life

When we workout and put physical strain on our bodies, we are slowly micro-tearing the muscle fibers. These tiny tears will eventually heal, through proper nutrition and rest, to grow stronger and healthier.

By classic definition, resistance is “the ability to prevent something from having an effect”. Resistance training from an exercise physiological standpoint is “any method or form of strength training used to resist, overcome, or bear force”. 

In training, our bodies’ resist the load of gravity or weight intentionally. It is from the resistance of force and external weight that we get stronger. But sometimes the resistance of mental barriers is what actually makes the difference in change. The resistance to stop when we think we are tired. The resistance to change unhealthy patterns that are no longer serve us. The resistance not to cancel when we think we do not have enough time. It is fighting through that resistance that we get stronger.

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands resistance.” (a quote from a favorite author of mine, Steven Pressfield). 

If you have ever quit something because it is too hard, wanted to compete in your sport, started a diet plan, felt like you should starting painting again, wanted to start writing a book about your life, desired to get certified in Scuba Diving, you have felt the force of resistance. The inner aspiration of doing something that arrives to you naturally but always shutting that voice down. I don’t have time for that. How can I possibly carve 1 day out of the other 364 to go there or do this. Or how could I give myself 1 hour a day to sit down and practice.

“To yield to resistance deforms our spirit. It stunts us and makes us less than we are and were born to be” (Pressfield).

When we allow ourselves to resist the power that is inside, resist the urge to get stronger, we are letting ourselves become defeated. We are letting an external force overcome the stronger internal force.

Resistance is toxic. It is what inhibits us from reaching our full potential. In the realm of training, resistance is fear. The voice inside telling us to stop, telling us to skip the workout because we are tired, telling us that we are not strong enough to compete. That resistance is depicting what you can or cannot do, physically or mentally.

What if you wake up one morning 10 years from now still wanting to reach that goal, still having not done that thing that makes you feel alive, then resistance is stronger than you. Or is it? Sometimes it takes something scary and crazy to stare us in the face to make us do what we have always wanted.

Take a look into your soul and listen to that small voice telling you to just do it. No one else may know what that is, but just do it. Don’t let resistance, whether in training or life, kick your ass.