Train like a SOB

When it comes to achieving an exercise goal or really just getting anything substantial in life, you can't just go through motions blindly. You can't just wing it and hope that things will work out without a plan. That is if you are interested in actually being successful. I think it is time that someone says that out loud

You deserve to get what you want! You deserve to feel the runners high, reach your weight loss goal, squat your heaviest or slip on your wedding dress and feel like the hottest mama in the world. Training like a son of a bitch is one of the best feelings out there. If you train intelligently and hard, you will get there. Which brings me to my next point.

How to train intelligently.  

It takes some thought. And I think that's where many people go wrong. People either get lost and give up or they keep going and eventually get injured. If you are serious about accomplishing a goal, I highly suggest starting with a clean slate and understanding your body's current state. All of the cards on the table as far as imbalances, strengths and weaknesses. After about eight years of training, I now understand of the value of assessing your current fitness level. If you begin an exercise program with a weak, unbalanced foundation you will get injured somewhere down the road. Or at least feel some aches and pains that really suck and get in the way of feeling awesome. Even if your goals aren't performance based and are just asthetic, you will be much happier with your end result by assessing your baseline performance level. As I leave the world of Crossfit wods and begin training for a half marathon, I see and definitely feel the value in everything I am preaching.

This way of thinking actually relates to getting what you want in most areas of life.  If you are interesed in doing something, getting somewhere, or finding your happy place, you need to understand where you are starting from.

If you are going on a first date and you are ready to not "fuck it up" like the last time :), you have to know where you are starting. What are you "injuries" aka things that have left you jaded? What are the things that have left you out of balance? Lack of honesty, falling for someone too quickly, pretending to be something you're not. By knowing where you are starting from, you can begin to change the patterns that will injure you in the long run. 

Take a moment right now and assess what one thing you are working towards, fitness or non fitness related. Where are you starting from? Do you even know how to assess that? Is it time to invest some money in really taking this goal seriously? Health, relationships, careers, personal growth- all journeys of life have the same basis. One pattern is usually an ironic metaphor for another. Food for thought :)