Today I will ride the wave of Life

Today, I will ride the wave of life without viscosity. 

I have the opportunity to do it everyday; at work, at home, at the gym, on my commute. However, sometimes I get in the way. My "plan" and expectations that I have for myself and how my day will go disrupt the flow.  

Today, I will let go of my control and see what happens. If once, just once, I enjoy each moment for what it is. Not good nor bad, just what it is.

Today, I will feel the normal frustrations, impatience and impulses. But instead of pushing harder against them and reacting, I will let go of the resistance. And see what's on the other side.

I surrender. Just for today. And maybe tomorrow. But just for today. 

Instead of planning the fatigue; my muscles, my metabolism. I will let it go. Just for today. And maybe again tomorrow. But just for today.