The Truth: My morning love affair

I have a love affair with coffee. It has nothing to do with the caffeine although the extra energy is always a plus.


Let me walk you through the best way, nutritionally, to make amazing coffee. Then we will get into the juicy details of the love affair.

Step 1: boil my water on the stove. I use the stove and not an electric pot or microwave because I believe that fire should heat water and is most natural. (Check out this article on how microwaved water alters the growth of a 

Step 2: grind my coffee fresh every morning in a grinder. When you grind your coffee days or weeks in advance, the natural oils oxidize and the coffee loses its flavor and has more of a “flat” taste. There is nothing good about being flat unless you are talking about your abs :) 

Step 3: use my french press, add about 3 tbsp of coffee, 12 oz of boiling water, and let it sit for about 5 minutes. When you use filters to brew your coffee, they strip the coffee of their natural oils that give coffee that buttery, nutty taste. Also most coffee filters are bleached white and filter chemicals into your mug along with coffee. The french press is quick, easy and makes my coffee amazing. 

Step 4: add coffee, 1 tbsp of coconut oil and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg in a blender. Blend on high for about 20 seconds. By adding a good quality fat to your coffee it becomes more of a food than a cup of caffeine. Since most of us “break the fast” with coffee, it is healthier for your body to have a lower spike in caffeine to avoid energy crash, cravings and blood sugar imbalances. It also helps rev your metabolism. The medium chain triglycerides (MCT) has been proven to increase metabolic function and energy expenditure. 

My Love Affair. I see consider this love because I feel like I have to have it right here and now, every day. And it is just lovely :) There is meaning and importance to my coffee making process as it is the first physical thing I do. I see it as almost meditative. During the 10 minute process of making my coffee a few things go through my mind.

1. I am breathing, alive and moving. I am thankful for waking up this morning. That is enough for me. How many people in the world are suffering, at war, sick or not able to move? I consider the fact that I am healthy one of the biggest blessings in the world. 

2. Today is a new day and what happened yesterday is over. What happens for the rest of the day is completely in my control. There are going to be many people that come in and out of the next 24 hours but what is most important is the person reading this. Me. “Listen to the person who is listening” Deepak Chopra. Take the time to care for yourself and nurture your body. That means feeding it healthy foods and making it strong through movement. Breathe.

3. The best version of myself starts now. I haven’t consumed any food, skipped out on the gym, become frustrated with my coworkers or felt jealousy towards the beautiful blonde on the T. Nope, you have a whole new chance to become whoever you want to become. It does not matter what person you have been in the past. Be a badass today. The only people that will judge you are those who are living a life they don’t want.

4. What is my intention for the day. Every day should have an intention and generally my intentions build from the day before. What do I want to improve on or accomplish to make me better than yesterday? For example, today one of my intentions is to work on my Snatch in the gym. I want to improve on my technique and feel myself get stronger. It is something tangible that I can measure. Along with an objective intention, I like to have a subjective intention. My second intention is to let stress roll through my brain right out the other ear. It is okay to feel stress, but recognize it. Contemplate it for a second. Why are you feeling it? How can you control it? And then let it literally slip out the other side of your brain. May be easier said then done, but it works when you think of it simply. 

There ya go. Be in love with life. Every second of it. Even something as small as making your coffee.