#21daychallenge + inspiration

I wanted to pass along a little inspiration that came up on my Facebook newsfeed yesterday. 

Last night as I got ready for bed, I did my normal nightly ritual. Glasses on, face cream, prop the pillows, open the lap top and hop into bed to finish up any work. The part I conveniently left out is the chunk of dark chocolate in my favorite mug that comes into bed with me as I finish answering emails. 

As I am eating my chocolate, I notice this #21daychallenge on my newsfeed and it peaked my interest. I noticed all of the people commenting and hash tagging about this topic. Challenging themselves to 21 days without one of their vices. Something they would like to do without- for their health or just for the sake of testing their limits. 

I decided (after I finished my last bite of chocolate) that I was going to join the challenge. What's my vice? Well, dark chocolate or something sweet at the end of every night. 

I am accepting the challenge of no sweets at the end of the night (dark chocolate or anything sweet after dinner) for 21 days. Starting last night. There ya go- in writing!

Why am I doing this?

To be honest, I'm sick of being comfortable. I need a little push. My comfort zone is a place where I don't like staying for very long. It can be a blessing and a curse because I tend to get very antsy. But in this case, it is a blessing. Stepping out of the safe place, where you tend to stay stagnant, will help you grow. And make you feel alive.

In 2012, I moved to Tahiti with the hopes of traveling around the world. THAT was out of my comfort zone. And as difficult as it was at the time, as anxious as I felt for a long time before and during the trip, for fear of the unknown, I look back on that trip with extreme fondness. I am thankful for taking that leap. There I felt alive. This small challenge is another way to keep the flame going.

Here's a picture of me being alive that I came across the other day from that trip in 2012- uncomfortably happy. 


I invite you to join this challenge with me. What do you want to challenge yourself to for 21 days? Can you do it?

Join me for the next couple of weeks to do something good for yourself. Make yourself work a little bit. Get uncomfortable. And most importantly, learn something and grow. 

You can reward yourself on the 23rd :)