What exercise does for me + my glasses

Exercise triggers something in me. The days I miss out, it's like I forgot to put on my glasses. I'm blind. 

Exercise is my jumpstart to the day. It wakes me up. It opens my eyes. And gives me the power to accomplish what I want to accomplish. My greatness. 

It's like meditation. Me. My brain. The task at hand. Sometimes I close my eyes. I concentrate. Speed. Breath. 

Its' power- the endorphin rush, the euphoria, the hormones that are released. The way our brain recognizes exercise as stress. Combating it by this discharge that blocks the discomfort. The human body has an extraordinary way of working just right.

Gaining strength. Running faster. Jumping higher. Growing. Pushing. Pulling. Tight and lean.

Exercise is like putting on my glasses. Without it, I'll run into things. Nothing is clear. I'm not quite myself. And I can't do my best.

Like I wrote in my past blog, you have to find what makes you tick. What triggers your greatness and motivation. Sometimes it's starting your coffee pot. Putting on your dress shoes. Your tie. Lipgloss. Wedding ring (or not). Music. Beats. 

Truthfully, it makes me feel like a badass. And when I feel that way, it creates a ripple effect to make me confident enough to do anything I want to do. To stop making excuses. 

So do whatever it takes. Even if you're scrawny on other people's terms. Not a size 0. Weak compared to the person next to you.

It turns me on. It makes me hungry. It sets me off on a rocket. 

Ready. Set. Go.