Dark Chocolate, Red Wine + Loving your body

I have a serious sweet tooth. And it is wild.  It has taken me quite some time to figure out exactly how to tame it. Dark chocolate bars. Always in my freezer. Once I open it, all bets are off and I am eating the whole thing. I know myself very well and I used to hate it. Why can't I just control it???

Well, now I actually love it. I love that it's part of me. I ain't hiding from it ;)

We all have our thing- salty, crunchy, whatever it is. I respect it. We should be able to enjoy these foods in our diets because they enhance our lives. They make you sigh when you eat them. Just the thought of tasting it makes your mouth water.

Balance. That is the key.

Enjoying whatever it is that makes you tick with all of your senses. Being present with it. Making it special for you. The experience. Indulging. Every once in a while. 

This weekend I made a dessert that topped any sweet I have ever made. Make that any sweet that I have ever consumed. It was a dark chocolate flourless tart with red wine reduction sauce and brown butter vanilla ice cream. Yes- all of that. 

It was decadent. Creamy. Warm and cool. I enjoyed it with a glass of red wine. Which was the third of my glasses that evening. It was absolutely amazing. And I enjoyed it fully.

There was a time in my life where I would not have been able to enjoy that dessert. I would have tasted it. Bits and pieces. And washed it down with a side of guilt. For fear that my stomach would not accept it. That I would wake up the next morning and have undone all of the hard work that I had done in the gym that week. Or for my whole life.

I felt that I didn't deserve any of it.  That willpower was more important than allowing myself to live. Letting go of the rules I had for myself was impossible. All of the pressure to be a certain way. Body image. Self love. It was absent. I had no one to blame but myself for these harsh judgements. I felt like it would never stop. 

The fear of changing. It is real. And hard. You never really know what will happen if you change something until you do it. It's risky. Very risky. But is it worth it?

What will happen if you actually do it... What will happen if you let yourself live? Let go of the rules you have set. You may actually find that you will get closer to what you really want. The desires you have to be who you want to be. 

LOVE. Your beautiful body. For exactly what it is. The curves. The so called "flaws". Being naked shouldn't be an insecurity. It should be a beauty. That's how we arrived. Perfectly.

Be honest about the things that you need to change.

Stop making excuses about starting tomorrow.

Start today. And I promise, you can still enjoy the most decadent dark chocolate desserts with 3 glasses of red wine. :)

Click HERE for Recipe xo