Women are truly from Venus + how to relax

I heard a very interesting statistic this morning that completely blew my mind (and also made me feel a little better about being a crazy female).

"The female brain is 80% more active on average than the male brain minute by minute."

Picture this. You come home from a long day at work, have dinner with your significant other and then both plop yourselves on the couch to watch Alaskan Bush People (love that show). His head is on your lap, you are "comfortable" and while the point of this couch sitting is to relax and unwind, your brain is anywhere but there. 

Why is it so hard to relax and just be?!? 

This weekend I went away on a mini getaway- 5 minutes away from the Canadian border to be exact. The point of the trip was the same as the point of sitting on the couch- to relax and unwind. To allow my brain and stress to shut off from the stimulus of my everyday life. Of the reoccurring thoughts that clutter my brain. Of the endless to-do lists.  After over-analyzing how long it had been since I took some time off for relaxation, I realized that it had been over 5 months. Actually it has been 26 years, 5 months and about 12 days.

It is by far the most difficult task for me to fully relax. And I don't think I am alone in that (ladies). I'm not sure I have ever Truly done it.

Relax. Chill out. Chillax. Be lazy. Mellow. 

Urban Dictionary describes it this way: 

relax: The one thing you shouldnt say to women/girls.  

Ashley: so I went off on him and said...

Jacob: wow, relax

Ashley: U WOT M8

There are thoughts that continuously run through our heads that sometimes never escape. And it has come to my attention that those are precisely what stop us from being able to relax. They are what stop us from being in the moment.  From looking at the stars and appreciating their beauty. From walking outside and fully breathing in the beautiful, crisp morning air. From laying your head on someone's lap and just being in their presence. 

Sometimes you are what's causing your stress. And the constant inner fight is causing your lack of relaxation. So if that is the case, when will you EVER be able to relax? And be here now?

Sometimes someone has to call you out on your shit. On the things that you need to work on but avoid. Or the secrets that you could have sworn no one would notice. Or emotions you thought no one could catch on to. You would be surprised how different people's perception of you is compared to your perception of yourself. 

What else is surprising is how good it feels to open up about this.

I will leave you with this: If you really want to relax (which I am diligently working on) you have to learn to let go. The reoccurring thoughts and judgements. The constant struggles that only you know about. And the superwoman cape that we all try to wear. Let someone else in for a moment to teach you something. Or help you. Then maybe you can learn how to relax like your significant other. On the couch. Watching Alaskan Bush People.