Just Show Up

When that insecurity kicks in. That's it. It's right in that moment when you know you have it. Creativity. It's when you know that there's a spark that needs to be lit. But how many of us are willing to ignite it?

It's scary and daunting. And extremely uncomfortable. It's a feeling that is often stuffed down because it is unconventional. Against the grain.

That's when you know you have it. "It will hit you like a whirlwind that you have to chase," says Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love as she interviews the famous poet Ruth Stone. "Sometimes you may not even understand when it hits you because it's coming so fast. But still, if you are present, it will make sense eventually. Everything doesn't always have to make sense in the moment."

Just show up.

Our creative side is often shunned in this society. The use of our left side of the brain is what makes the world go round with success. The logical side. Over analyzing. 

We are so much on the left side that I think we need to shut it completely down every once and a while to get us back to neutral. Balance. That's what we need in life, right?

Creativity can not live in an unbalanced world. Let's open it up.

Do something different this week. Go to an art gallery or museum. Put on some music and close your eyes to listen. Water colors and paper. Pencil. Or just sit in silence and let your mind wander.

This week and the weeks to come, I am opening. With a new force igniting me that came out of nowhere. But like the whirlwind, I am going to follow it. 

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