Cleansing in reverse

To start this new year, I am extra inspired. And it's probably because so many people are creating change around me. So props to you. You are inspiring me :)

Today marks the first day of a cleanse. I made it myself. I have taken parts of different cleanses I have researched over the years and made it into the "Andrea Rodgers Cleanse". Tailored to just me because no other fit just right. No one else is me.  

This cleanse has 3 components: mental, physical and emotional. Because these are the 3 aspects of life that make my world go round each day. I struggle with some of them more than others but there are things in each that I would like to "improve" for lack of a better word. I would actually like to say "create more balance" within me. 

Mental, physical and emotional. 

I chose challenges in each of these areas to clear out by adding and taking things away. No pressure. No expectations. Just experimenting. Because each year of my life, I want to help more people. I want to experience more life. I want to learn more. And bottom line, I want to be happy.

So here it goes my friends. 

Mental and Emotional:

-Quiet meditation. As I have a go-getters mentality (thanks mom), I need to shut my mind off. The few times I do, I have thought up some pretty cool stuff. When I actually allow my brain to silence a bit, it balances me and creates room for creativity. 

-Writing. Without judgement, I try to write. I can get all my thoughts out on paper and see what comes up. Before I jump to conclusions about a situation, I journal it. After reading it over again you may be surprised what you think of your thoughts. 

-Breathing. Easy? Yeah, no. But I'm going to try. More often. Deeply. And in the pursuit of the moment, I am going to be thankful. 

-Music. I am a musician. It's in my soul and I've even surrounded by it my whole life. It's time for me to embrace the missing piece that I have been afraid to touch. I want to enjoy the vibrations and the sounds I create. Just to feel good.


-No lifting weights. I mentioned this is tailored to me, right? This may be the opposite for most people. For me, I use my weights as an escape. It works to my advantage in many ways but in other ways it blocks me from feeling my feelings. When I'm pissed, I lift weights. When I'm sad, I lift weights. When I want to effing kill someone, I lift weights. What this does is actually block me from feeling my feelings. In order to give my body and mind the break it needs, I need to chill out. And in order to do that, it's time to consciously disconnect from weights for more than a couple of days.

I invite you to take a look at the things that you are scared to confront and create your own cleanse. It doesn't have to do with juicing or fasting. If you need that type of cleanse,  then go at it! But you can cleanse your soul too. Fuel it with things that are going to make you a happier person. Dig deep. I'd love to hear what comes up.

Happy New Year.