How I structure my diet

I tried following Oxygen Magazine's 1200 calorie plan for years. I would find myself trying to eat half a pita pocket with a salad, fruit and yogurt, veggies, chicken and rice for 3 days in a row and then having a binge session because I was absolutely not satisfied. 6 small meals a day just wasn't cutting it for me and I sure as hell didn't look any skinnier or healthier!

So how did I break that mold and find something that worked for me? Well, it took years. It took about 4 years to be exact. And I've finally found it. 

I discovered my plan over research and trial and error. It did not happen overnight although it could have if I had hired a coach or someone to help me. In order to find a diet that works for you, start with an honest list of traits about your instinctual eating habits.

Here's me:

- I love eating a large amount of food. (see below picture of my salad bowl)

- I prefer to eat light during the day (due to my work schedule) and heavier in the evenings.

- I have a sweet tooth and it must be met.

- I haven't eaten chips in years and always surpass them when I go out for Mexican food.

- I crave creamy, heavy, thick foods and desserts.

Taking all of these into consideration, I made a diet plan out of it that works for me. Not copying a physique models' diet, although it would be nice to rock that body. 

No one has my exact work schedule, my genetics, my workout plan, cravings etc. 

Here's how I structure my diet: 

1. I usually have coffee with coconut oil for breakfast with a mug of broth mid morning.

Why? I wake up at 5am to train clients and it is too stressful for me to make breakfast and eat in a rush at that hour. The fat in the coconut oil satiates me and the broth is very nutrient dense and very fatty which curbs my hunger.

2. I eat "lunch" at around 11am. It is usually a huge bowl of greens and roasted veggies with about 3oz of animal protein and some sort of creamy dressing. 

3. I workout and have a snack afterwards. Usually full fat yogurt with some nuts or another small salad with protein on it from trader joes.

4. I generally train clients in the evening and don't get home until 8pm so I have my larger meal at around 8:30. That consists of 2 cups of veggies, an egg or some type of protein and a sauce. It changes from something like curry, pesto, buttery or tomatoey. Depends on my mood and what's in the fridge.

5. Treat time! It keeps me sane and prevents a sweet binge on the weekends. Some dark chocolate, a scoop of peanut butter or homemade fudge (see recipe in prior blog). 

There is absolutely no way I could find that diet plan in a book. Like I said earlier, it took research, time and trial and error to figure it out. I am at a great place with it. Sometimes I stray away but that's life; parties, social stuff etc. 

I love my body.

I have consistent energy.

My strength is improving.

I am getting faster and can endure more.

My hair is shiney.

I sleep through the night (except when I have to pee).

My sex drive is alive.

My skin is clear.

My menstraul cycle is regular. 

My digestion is healthy and I rarely feel bloated.

Our body is designed to feel optimal and if you aren't feeling that way then you should rethink what you're doing. Of course there are some days that are not as great as others but overall you should feel good and that is what I strive to help my clients with. 

Make your list of diet "non negotiables". 

Be honest with yourself.

Ask for help if you need it.