Food and Sex - put a condom on


When you have a relationship with a person, it is a very intimate thing. Regardless of length, it will have an impact on you.

I am referring to both short (one nighters) and long term relations where you give and receive intimate energy with another person. The energy this person gives to you will be ingested mentally and physically. Mentally, how you react to their actions, how they make you feel, your confidence or lack there of. On the physical side, well you know.. sharing a touch or further is something that your body is ingesting as well. You are choosing to either put a good, caring, sexy person into your life or a dirty, sleazy asshole who is going to poison you.

Who in their right mind is going to date or sleep with a cheating douche bag knowing that it will end in flames?

When it comes to what fuel you put into your body, why is it so different?

We only strive to allow great people, positive relationships and a fulfilling career into our lives without question. But we still eat crap, smoke cigarettes and take pharmaceuticals even though we know they can cause illness and death.

If you are willing to ingest chemicals on a daily basis, why not let a dirt-bag poison your mood?

Eating food is intimate and should be treated like a relationship. What you eat you will become.

Don't let a douche bag in bed with you.
Don't let toxins in either.


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