Saying versus WTF are we doing

Story time! The inspiration of this blog stems from an amazing group of girls who I was fortunate enough to work with for a few months last winter. When I say amazing, I mean it 100%. These ladies were some of the most fit and healthy (mentally and physically) people I have been surrounded by in the workplace ever in my life.

The reason I bring them up is because when I took this seasonal job, we had a group training and wrote about our goals, long and short term, and what our lives would look like in 10 years. We called them our BHAG's which stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal; I still laugh every time I hear that :)

Last weekend, three of the girls accomplished their BHAG's. One ran a marathon and qualified for the Boston marathon and the other completed a half marathon, both i n c r e d i b l e fitness accomplishments. At the moment, I am working almost 100% on building my strength so running that distance absolutely blows my mind. My discomfort during my training lasts about 3-8 seconds based on the rep scheme then I can rest. Runners have to push through the discomfort for hours at a time. That's pretty freakin insane. To be tough and fit enough, mentally and physically, to stop your brain and muscles from telling you to stop because they are tired for hours..

What sets these girls apart? When it comes to growing and accomplishing goals in life, what sets people apart from actually reaching the top of the mountain?

I can say with confidence that accountability is key. If you are trying to reach something and are struggling, find a person or two that will support you on your journey. This is the basis of what my PT studio is about. We hold our clients 100% accountable for their goals each and every week without fail. Now these goals don't have to be fitness related but in my realm, I work and surround myself with people whose goals are.

Let yourself hold YOU accountable. What's worse then letting others down is letting yourself down. If it is helpful, find a goal that you wanted to reach in the past and recognize why you never reached it. What were the excuses standing in the way? What was blocking your success? Your kids, job, dog, fish, free time? Will those things ever be removed..theeennnn you can reach your goal?

If you are making excuses, take a step back, remove the ego for a second and be realistic. Can you make the time and effort to reach your goal?

So here's the best part. Why do we want to reach goals in the first place? Because they make you feel f***ing alive!! Reaching a difficult goal makes you feel sexy, on top of freakin Mount Everest, brave, smart and just plain awesome. I feel like it is essential to feel that way a couple of times a year.

I recently passed my CSCS test after about half a year of studying. For those of you who don't know, it is a challenging exam in the the fitness field that really sets you a part from other trainers. I was so terrified of failing this exam that I postponed the test date about 3 times and didn't tell anyone when I was taking it so I wouldn't be held accountable. Ha, what a pussy. Reason for my fear? I had failed my first personal training exam about 6 years ago by 1 point and was so jaded by the experience that I was literally fearful of failing. I didn't want to tell people I failed it or hate myself like I did years ago.

It was finally when I took a step back that I realized how ridiculous I was. How long was I going to wait to take this damn thing.. Why was I waiting.. Because I was afraid. Just knowing and realizing that I was postponing the exam, not because I wasn't prepared or intelligent enough, but because I was afraid was enough to stop pussy footing around and take it. For some people it takes more than that, but find what makes you tick. What makes you so freakin fired up that you can't get to that goal? Use that energy and make some moves.

I passed the exam by the way :)

Go get your big kid pants on and get after today.

"The gift of disappointment is to bring us into reality so we don’t get stuck in the realm of how things might have been."