The Price of Admission


We spend an awful lot of time trying to become an envisioned version of ourselves. I'm sure you all have a picture in your head of the optimal, improved self that you are striving to be. Is it a successful entrepreneur? Superwoman who can have a career and be at every soccer game for her kids? Six-pack, gym buff who can still go out on Friday nights? Or a girl who can squat over 200lbs and still wear skinny jeans? ;)

I find that when people are interested in having something or being someone, the final outcome can contradict itself. Perhaps it wasn't completely thought out. It's beautiful and amazing to see your future ahead of you, a vision of the life of ____________. But how will you truly feel once you get there? How will it actually feel once it has happened?

Whether it is in a relationship, in your job or in your training, is it the title that you actually want or is it the feeling you will get from it?

The saying goes "having your cake and eating it too". I'm pretty sure that's the easy way out of things and it will never work out. It's difficult to have a six pack but still have martini's with your girlfriends every weekend. It's difficult (or nearly impossible) to work 65 hours a week and still be at every soccer game. You can't lose 20 lbs but still eat your kids' candy at night (that I am sure of). It's difficult to have the white picket fence and still cheat on your spouse.

As Dan Savage, love and relationship expert puts it, "there is no settling down without some settling for". Putting up and accepting some flaws that come with what you want. This not only relates to relationships but to anything you are striving for. In order to get to that next point in life, you have a "price of admission" to pay. Aka the price you have to pay to ride that ride. If we don't want to pay that price, we may be missing out on the ride of our lives.

If what you want is worth it, it will be a non negotiable to pay that price. If you can't handle that price that comes along then how will you be 100% fulfilled in your envisioned life?

Remember that most things in life come with a "price of admission". Love what you want so much that it's worth it to pay up. Don't lie to yourself about what you are willing to give up to get what you want. It's not worth it to yourself or anyone else that is effected.

The shit that you are not willing to give up, be honest about it.

So what's worth sacrificing for?