Thanksgivin you a workout video

I have a 2 part workout that I want you to try (video included!). This can technically be done any day of the year, but I want you guys to start today. Just because it is today.

Its time to enjoy every single second of today because you only get each moment once. That's it.

The 2 parts of this exercise symbolize what my health and training practice is all about.
Mind and body. In order to be healthy, you need these components. In order to be a badass you need to take them to a whole 'nother level but let's start easy :)

This should take about 15 minutes so set your alarm a little bit earlier. Yeah I know you have a trillion things to do. But you can always make excuses. Why not stop now and just do it? Shut off that part of the brain and get moving.

Are you ready? Can you commit?

Part 1. BODY: (10ish minutes) no equipment needed!
2 simple exercises. Will leave your body burning.

100 V ups for time (first exercise shown)

100 Hollow Rocks for time (second exercise shown)

Part 2. MIND: (5ish minutes)

1. Sit in a quiet place. Preferably before everyone wakes up.
2. Grab a pen and paper.
3. Write down one thing that is bothering you from forefront of your mind when you wake. Anything at all.
4. Take a look at what you wrote and read it over twice.
5. Close your eyes. Take 10 deep breaths.
6. Ask yourself why this is happening. What is the world, universe, God or whoever your higher power is trying to teach you?
When you take each so called "conflict" that you face and understand that you have to grow from it to become more enlightened and aware, you will appreciate the lessons facing you.
7. 10 more deep breaths.

You rock y'all. Much love.