Strengthen your Mental Warrior

What if I told you that you are capable of lifting more, becoming more successful and getting stronger without changing anything physically? I recently listened to a talk by former Navy Seal Mark Devine who owns and operates Seal Fit Training in Encinitas, CA. I actually went to Seal Fit for a workout a little over a year ago when I was on vacation in California and was coached by Mark himself. At the time I had NO idea who he was and thought he was just a badass coach who pushed my limits and forced me to run faster. Little did I know he was ranked the #1 Navy Seal in his class, founded and created a program called “The Unbeatable Mind” that guides you through a mental and physical transformation you need to attack your life like a SEAL. Needless to say I regret not shaking this man’s hand at the end of the workout.

Most of us concentrate on physical stamina during our day whether it be at work, home or in the gym. Getting those extra reps in, finishing up an important project, completing the final pages of the book you are writing. Imagine if you could accomplish everything you wanted to each day and more…

Mark’s mantra is “forging mental toughness”. What that actually entails is holistic including your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. By strengthening your mental toughness, you are actually able to accomplish more physically. You can discover what’s currently holding you back from reaching your fullest potential. The little voice that holds you back from accomplishing what you want will finally shut down and YOU will find that you ARE strong enough, smart enough and worth enough to perform at your optimal level each day.

How do you train your mind to be a warrior?

  • Visualize your day or task as you want it to go. Imagine finishing each project on your list. Imagine completing that last rep at RX weight. Imagine signing off on the last chapter of your book. Make a morning ritual where you think of what you want your day to look like. Break it down. Actually envision yourself winning your day.
  • Hold yourself accountable. It is so easy to blame your lack of success on situations or other people. The real reason you are not able to reach your goal is actually yourself. Instead of leaning on others to help you get towards something, although sometimes this is necessary, lean more on yourself and make the conscious decision to change.
  • Find a team. Surround yourself with people who are going to work with you. Mark calls it “Coopertition”. It is healthy to have competition with others you are working with but find that balance of cooperation. Crossfit does a great job at that. Find a group of people who will lift you up to succeed but aren’t afraid to call you out as well.
  • Find your internal peace. Just as a warrior is strong, powerful and courageous, they are mindful, focused and peaceful. Finding the quiet place in your mind where you can remove the doubt, clutter and chatter will help you find the peaceful silence to allow you to think clearly. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of what you are actually trying to reach because of the craziness around you. Center yourself, meditate and allow your mind and body a chance to actually stop and listen to your soul. Develop emotional control.

Each day is an open book. You have a new opportunity to reach your fullest potential.

Win it in your mind before you start your day. If you want to win- choose to win.