My Political Rant

My Political Rant
Ignorance. And I say that with an honest voice because I am mad at myself. I am mad at myself because I didn't care until now. Because I have never been effected by it until now. No, I am not getting blown up like people in Syria. My family has never been ripped away from me. I have never experienced living in a natural disaster. But now, the world has opened up my eyes to how fucked we are. By people who were put into my life and by my own natural curiosity. 
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Honor thyself

What does it mean when you honor thyself?

You slip into this silk. Like persona.

You hear the music in your head. The tune. The beat.

You move to it. Your body reacts without thought.

Your hair. It falls in your eyes.

You believe. You become. You are.

You become the mountains, fire, trees. The goddess. The sun. Sky. Wind. You are all one. Beautiful. Soft. Gentle. Strong. 

Your light shines. Inner. Radiance.

Honor thyself.